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Inclema’s Meat Market was founded in 1981 by a family devoted to supplying the finest quality Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Produce and Specialty Items. We are truly family owned and operated and proudly stand behind our name. We are committed to customer satisfaction and service.

Unlike big supermarkets and super center chain stores that cut their meat ten to twelve days before it reaches their shelves. This meat is treated with preservatives to extend it’s shelf life. Inclema’s never adds preservatives in our cutting and wrapping process.

With over 90 years of meat cutting experience we “hand cut all our meats fresh every day on the premises.”

We put the butcher back into your meat buying experience.

Speak with one of our friendly experienced butcher’s about fulfilling your every need. Be assured that Inclema’s Meat Market will supply you with the very best.

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