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The trouble with that is, I actually like being a cum slut. And vice-versa. I started as an innocent virgin, like everyone else.

But that pretty much changed when I had my first orgasm. In fact, I was well on my way to being a cum-loving cock sucker.

Guys are pretty much all the same, as far as getting them off is concerned—sure, there are differences, but they can almost all watch some porn, spit in their hand, and have a perfectly good orgasm. Whereas women are all different. And on and on. Why are we all so different? I have a theory: it has to do with our first orgasm, and that depends a lot on how we discover our sex. I think most guys discover it pretty much the same way. There free chat rooms free is, right in front of you.

Chat with teens online she tries this or that, usually false starts and blind alleys at first, sometimes for a long time.

Until one day, hopefully, she discovers what Does It for her. It started at summer camp, the day after my 18th birthday. So sue me. Blind alleys, you know? But I was Every summer my parents sent me to camp for male chat weeks, since I was This was my last year and I knew I was going to miss it. When I looked at her I had… Feelings, you know? Linda Sue was pretty and confident and had long blonde hair and really, really nice breasts. Not much bigger than average, but perfect.

I thought she was So Beautiful, and I followed her around like a puppy dog. I got butterflies just thinking about it. This year, I guess because she knew that I was 18, she let me hang out until she was actually ready to go to bed.


It was the first time I had seen her in a nightie. I could see the shape of her mound, even the shape of her pussy lips, a little. She caught me staring. For the first time, I felt a tingling in my twat. I had looked at Linda Sue with total adoration anyway, but now I was staring at her girl naked girl chat, and feeling something stir in mine.

Maybe she was flattered, maybe she was just horny she had a boyfriend, but he was away. My heart almost stopped. It was so soft. Softer than I had ever imagined. More importantly, I could feel the other nipple rise under the hand that was touching her. I thought I was in heaven. That tingling in my pussy was definitely getting stronger, and it felt real 73071 adult chat rooms.

But he was too rough. If I ask you to do something, and I tell you exactly what to do, will you do it for me? Just the way I want? Without asking for something back? Cross my heart. But this is our secret, okay? Swinger chat roulette in search of love opened her top dresser drawer and took out a small dildo.

She took my hand and led me to her single bed. She pulled the covers back, laid herself face up on the sheet, and patted the side of the bed by her hip for me to sit. With my right hand. You take your hand and touch me on my other side, just the way I do.

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I… I want to touch you. This is about what I want. If I let you do it, that has to be enough.

I only meant sex chat pornoroulette I want to do whatever you want. She preened. Free sex chat sterling heights michigan looking at her bare tit made me tremble.

I mirrored her, lifting her nighty up over her left breast as well. She stroked herself with the fingertips of one hand, from her hip up to her breast. I stroked her other side, the same way. Her fingers circled her right tv chat rooms. Mine circled her left.

She began to move it around on her belly, and to rub her mound with it. She began to gently tease her right nipple as the dildo probed near her folds. I watched carefully, not wanting to displease her, then I began to softly skim her other nipple with my palm at the same time, so both nipples were being stimulated together. She began to caress her breast, cupping it in her hand and brushing her fingertips across the erect nipple as she started to probe the entrance to her secret garden with the dildo.

I followed along, would you care to chat her other breast in my hand, brushing her other nipple until it was hard. She squirmed a little. Keep doing my breast. The other hand held the dildo, but it was disappearing into her, further down. I caressed her breast, brushing my finger over her hard nipple in time to the finger moving in her folds. Her breathing came faster.

I could guess where it was going.

I started to get excited in a new way. Her finger, on her other hand, was moving much faster now, rubbing with a fierce rhythm. Just like that, just like that, oh, Oh. She squinched her eyes hard shut, concentrating.

I kept caressing her tits. They were so soft, so smooth… She grunted, then grunted again, arching her back. Uh, uh, uh… Mm… Mmm… Mmmm. I sex chat de. Just not my nipples now. Stop now.

You can pet the button over your own pussy, like you saw me do, but just once right now, to see if you know where it is. Oh, put this back in my drawer. I took the tip in my hand.