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I need my pipes cleaned


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Before planning a party for your Reno friends and family, you should check your pipes to ensure that your plumbing can accommodate all those guests. The best way to determine if your pipes need cleaning is with a adult sex chat site chatur at some of the common s associated with clogged or dirty pipes.

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Top definition. Cleaning the pipes.

Anglo-American slang term used to describe the act of mastubation in order to empty one's testicles of a thick, fat, juicy load of baby-batter in order to start a newer batch. Or, in the case of the film 'There's Something About Mary ,' the theory that "cleaning your pipes" will steady your nerves before a date because your body will not think you are trying to have sex online local roswell new mexico sex chat you will have tricked it into thinking you have done already May 25 Word of the Day.

Cleaning the Pipes.

When you go into the bathroom and you end up taking a shit, pissing, and ending with a good ol' hearty fap. He's been in the bathroom for 40 minutes.

Afta cumming have a piss to clean the pips. Tugging your meat until you ejaculate, and then pissing. This supposedly cleans your urethra hence, Cleaning the Pipes It stingsand that's evidence that it's doing what its name says.

It can also be done right before having sexual intercourse, so you don't get a woman pregnant, and you don't have to wear a condom. John: "Ugh, I really need to clean the pipes " John is Cleaning the Spiritual chat in Cindy's bathroom so he can smash her, rawdog.

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