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In fact, pretend play just might be my love language. Wood chips become a peach pie and the ordinary slide at the park becomes a mighty fortress in a far away land.

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Welcome to Behind the Scenes at the Airport where we show you all the amazing things that happen from free interracial chat rooms at the airport to flying in the plane. Some of the jobs are like those you find in other places.

Airports have their own builders, drivers, fireman, haderslev sex online chat officers and cleaners to keep things running smoothly, and help in an emergency. However, even if you might find them elsewhere, you can bet their job will be different here!

For example, with half a million people travelling through our airports everyday, the cleaning teams end up dealing with tonnes of rubbish every year! One of the most important parts of the airfield are the runways.

Behind the scenes, aerospace and aviation engineers and mechanics keep the planes repaired, whilst baggage handlers look after your bags and make sure they get on the same tabooless chat as you, often by driving special baggage trucks.

One slightly odd but really important job is done by Load Planning Officers.

They work out chat rooms naked best way for everything to fit in the hold — just like a big jigsaw puzzle or computer game where you have to fit in all the pieces. You might have played with toy aeroplanes and wondered what it would be like to fly the plane for real — well pilots get to do just that, every single day!

The pilot in charge is called the Captain. He or she is in charge of checking the route before take-off, making sure all the controls are working, and giving instructions to all the air crew about any unusual conditions that are expected — and flying the plane of course! There is normally a First Officer on board the best chat lines who is another trained pilot who can take over in an emergency.

Their most important job is to ensure everyone inside the plane is safe and secure. They also check that everyone has their seat belts on and are trained to manage any sort of emergency — even babies being born! Free booty call chat to explore more Behind the Scenes at the Airport?

! More From Behind the Scenes at the Airport. They all have important jobs. So who might you see?

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